Monday, February 19, 2018


If you have the bill, Point your device at the bill as shown below.
It appears "various 3D animals," according to the bill each image.

Open the application and point the camera of your device on this Image
Wait 1-2 seconds and there it is
(so, if you have the following money, you can use it to see 3D animals)

USA money
USA 1 dollar

2 dollar

5 dollar

10 dollar

 50 dollar

100 dollar

Austrailia money

Canada money

Vetnam money

Brazil money

Europe money


Japan money

Russia money

England money

Indonesia money

Mexico money

Thai money

Turkish money

Ukraine money

Egypt money

Pakistan money

Pillipinas money

You can see much more comfortable, If you look below for the PC.
Please enter URL in the PC Browser.

Please use printed markers & point your device at this target