Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to use

You can see much more comfortable, If you look below for the PC.
Please enter URL in the PC Browser.

Now, No longer need to purchase a AR book.
Try to make a AR Book using the Marker provided for FREE.
It will be the best gift of children.

See the below video, and you can make this card for your children.

1. Print out "Marker" like below(You can download it below link)

2. Cut each "Marker" and Paste it anywhere you like....
   ( I am pasted it a card...)

3. Start Application & Select "MarkerAR"

4. In the "Marker AR" mode, Wait 1-2 seconds and there it is.

5. Enjoy "MarkerAR" mode like this
   ( Other animal pops up in accordance with the marker.)

Below link is the makers that you can enjoy

All Markers as PDF file(download this file & print it)

Dinosaurs Marker

Dinosaurs Marker2

Dinosaurs Marker3

Dinosaurs Marker4

Safari Animal Markers

Domestic Animal Markers

Wild Animal Markers

Birds Animal Markers

Sealife Animal Markers

Beetles Markers

Insects Markers

Planets Markers


  1. Great! What is the name of the app?

    1. U can search by keyword "itfunia" at Google playstore or Apple AppStore.

  2. This app is awesome!!!
    Can I set up the cardboard view with the qr-code of my viewer?

    1. Why not? Try it. If you have any question plz let me know

  3. Does anyone know the URL of the App so I can request my server to unblock it?

  4. error 404 comes every times pls solution

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