Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Recognizable Image

Open the application and point the camera of your device on this Image
Wait 1-2 seconds and there it is
(so, if you have the following money, you can use it to see 3D animals)
*** 아래 이미지를 출력해도 되고, 아래 지폐가 있다면 어플리케이션을 실행후 지폐의 앞,뒤를 비추면 됩니다 ***

USA money
USA 1 dollar

USA 5 dollar

USA 10 dollar

USA 50 dollar

USA 100 dollar

Austrailia money

Canada money

Vetnam money

Brazil money

Europe money


Japan money

Russia money

England money

Indonesia money

Mexico money

Thai money

Turkish money

Ukraine money

Egypt money

Pakistan money

Pillipinas money

Korea money

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